Evidence 2018 is breaking down the boundaries of traditional academic conferences, with this year’s event offering more features to enhance the inclusivity and innovation of the event.  The Evidence 2018 programme will strive to feature cutting-edge content presented by a great mix of individuals from academia, government, civil society, and non-governmental organisations.

To further enhance the programme, Evidence 2018 is introducing thematic areas of importance to the region to shape and structure programme content in a meaningful way. Good governance, quality education, climate resilience, and communicable diseases were selected by Network members as the topics of importance to discuss at this year’s event. Focussing the programme on key thematic areas helps contain the programme and allow the hosts to offer a curated and polished programme with enough space and time for the most important element in any conference – engagement and dialogue. Finally, the programme has also built in practical workshops – also voted for by members – delivered by high-profile teams in the evidence-informed decision-making space. Building capacity-sharing into the programme of the conference enhances the return on investment that potential attendees receive by participating in an Evidence event.

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SECTION27’s Mark Heywood to deliver keynote at UJ’s Evidence 2018 Conference
Pre-Congress Satellite Sessions