Satellite Sessions: A chance for related organisations and initiatives to engage with AEN attendees in in-depth discussions, sharing and networking

Satellite sessions are organised and supported by individuals, non-profit groups, organisations, or commercial entities. We particularly welcome organisations and initiatives related to the remit of the AEN to book a satellite session and invite their members to attend the wider conference.

EVIDENCE2018 offers these groups the opportunity to showcase their work, research and programmes, or draw more attention to a specific subject or area by organising a satellite session. These sessions are scheduled outside of the core programme and are announced via the online app, the website and in the official programme of the conference.

Satellite sessions will be held on 25 & 26 September outside of the core programme. These sessions do not form part of the three day conference programme but will be of interest to participants attending EVIDENCE2018. The satellite sessions will however be included in the schedule and programme for people to sign-up to, as long as the session’s organisers are registered for EVIDENCE2018. The satellites should further the event goals, and foster interaction, and the development of partnerships and have broad appeal across sectors. Satellite session proposals that align with the core theme of EVIDENCE2018 will be considered.

Satellite sessions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. If they meet the criteria, the Local Organizing Committee can support arrangements for venue bookings and catering, however, it is important to note that all costs for venue and catering would need to be covered by the satellite facilitators.

EVIDENCE2018 is intended as an inter-sectoral and multi-disciplinary event exchanging ideas about how we best generate, summarize and communicate evidence to inform policy and practice. We anticipate input from a multitude of perspectives including education, social policy and practice, criminal justice, environment, gender, health, health systems and clinical care and practice.

Note that session organisers will not be permitted to charge participants for attending.

Please structure your proposal document under the following headings:
1. Session title
2. Contact person
3. Facilitators
4. Other contributors (if different from the facilitators)
5. Target audience
6. Type of session
7. Length of session
8. Abstract of the session
9. Number of participants
10. Equipment requirements
11. Special requests
12. Additional information

1. Session title
Give a brief but clear title to be printed in the EVIDENCE2018 Conference programme. The first letter of the first word of the title should be capitalized; all remaining words should be lower case unless they are proper names or acronyms.

2. Contact person
Please enter the name, affiliation, and email address of the contact person in your document. The contact person will receive all communications from the EVIDENCE2018 Conference organizers regarding this proposal. More than one contact person can be added. If the proposal is accepted, the contact person will also be responsible for receiving queries from EVIDENCE2018 participants.

3. Facilitators
Please list the names and affiliations of everyone who will be present at EVIDENCE2018 to facilitate the session. Facilitators must register to attend EVIDENCE2018 before their session will be accepted, and are responsible for their own expenses.

Facilitators will be responsible for coordinating the session, communicating with speakers, promptly communicating with the Secretariat about changes, and chairing or co-chairing the session.

4. Other contributors
If there are others who have made substantive contributions to the content of the session but will not be present on the day as facilitators, you may acknowledge them here.

5. Target audience
Please indicate who the target audience is for your satellite event. Also indicate whether the session is aimed at participants with a basic, intermediate or advanced level of knowledge, or if the session is appropriate for any level.

6. Type of session
Please ensure that the event abstract describes how participants will participate. Also ensure the abstract clearly informs the participants of their role in the event.

7. Length of session
Standard satellite sessions will run for 90 minutes. Options are available for 90, 180, 270 minute or full day sessions. If you wish to hold a longer event, please state the preferred length of your event.

8. Abstract of the session
The abstract is limited to 2200 characters (approx. 300 words) and should be structured using two headings: Objectives and Description. If abbreviations are used, the abbreviated term should be written out in full the first time it is used. Proposals should be submitted in English. Please note that if accepted, your session will be presented at an international conference, where the language common to most delegates is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided

Your session should have clearly stated goals, include a high level of interaction with participants, and provide a structured plan appropriate for the length of the event.

If your proposal includes the use of computers, please provide a brief description of your plan of action for ensuring that participants use their own laptops.

9. Number of participants
Indicate the minimum and maximum number of participants you would be willing to have in the session, or that you expect to attend. Please be realistic and consider previous attendance if the session was run before. This will assist us in planning room allocation. Please also indicate the type of seating arrangements you want for the session. Classroom style (also known as theatre style) is standard; we may not be able to provide other types of seating arrangements if the anticipated number of participants for a session exceeds 70.

10. Equipment
All the rooms for sessions are equipped with standard AV equipment, which includes one projector and screen, flipchart and pens, a lectern with microphone, and WIFI, pens, paper, water and mints. Session facilitators are responsible for providing and transporting any printed materials required.

11. Special requests
If you require equipment or have any other special requests that are not listed, please include this information. We will do our best to accommodate these requests (at cost), but we cannot guarantee it.

COSTS (all VAT Exclusive)
Packages are as follow:
• Amethyst Room – R12,500 (Level seating (16.8mx7.3m) – 140 cinema, 42 schoolroom, 36 boardroom)
• Onyx Room – R7,500 (Level seating (9.7mx8.3m) – 70 cinema, 24 schoolroom, 30 boardroom)
• Crystal Room – R7,500 (Level seating (7.5mx8.3m) – 70 cinema, 24 schoolroom, 30 boardroom)

Capacities are calculated taking into consideration delegates’ comfort and the space required for audio-visual equipment and may not be exceeded to ensure safety of guests.

Standard audio-visual equipment is included in the hire price for each conference or meeting venue.
• Data projector & screen
• Whiteboard and pens
• Flipchart and pens
• DVD/CD player
• Roaming technical assistance is provided in all venues. Dedicated support can be ordered at an additional cost.
• Free wireless internet access is available in all venues.

Catering and refreshments can be ordered directly from the venue, at an additional cost for the organiser of the satellite.

Full payment should be made within four (4) weeks of approval. If no payment is received, the slot will be allocated to another satellite session.

The satellite session organiser should ensure that costs of travel, accommodation and registration for any speakers and chairpersons for their session will be covered.

Submitting your proposal
Submissions of proposals must be done online. No email submissions will be allowed. Submissions will close on 31 May 2018.

Assessment of proposals
Your proposal will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. You will receive final notification of the success of your proposal early July 2018.

Please note that final acceptance of a satellite event in the EVIDENCE2018 programme is conditional on one of the contact persons or one of the listed facilitators being registered for the event prior to 31 May 2018.

Conditions of cancellation
All cancellations must be made in writing to the Conference Secretariat according to the following conditions:
1. Until 30 June: cancellation charge of 50%
2. From 1 July: no refund.

To submit an application, click here.