Welcome to the Africa Evidence Network Bursary Application in support of attendance at the Evidence 2018 Conference.

All information provided will be kept confidential and will be used exclusively by the AEN Bursary Committee to decide on the bursary awards.

The aim of the Africa Evidence Network Bursary programme is to make the Evidence 2018 Conference accessible to those participants who would otherwise not have been able to attend. If you do have access to resources to fund your Evidence 2018 participation, travel and accommodation, please do not apply for a bursary.

The AEN bursary fund is restricted and can only support the most meritorious applications. Preference will be given to those individuals who make a significant contribution to the Evidence 2018 Conference programme or who can demonstrate that their participation will advance evidence-informed decision-making in their respective professions.

Applications for the Africa Evidence Network Bursary programme are open to participants from the African continent only. Employees of international donor organizations are unfortunately not eligible for bursaries. Please note that applications from the North and West Africa regions are particular encouraged.

The official language of Evidence 2018 is English and unfortunately no translation services will be provided. The bursary application process is open to English and French submissions, however. Prospective bursars are required to participate in Evidence 2018 in English. If you feel that language barriers are a concern for you, please contact Laurenz Langer (

Please note that if you have already registered for the Evidence 2018 conference, your bursary application cannot be considered.


  • 01 March: AEN Bursary applications open.
  • 01 June: Deadline for AEN bursary applications.
  • 13 June: Announcement of AEN bursary awards (conditional on submission of evidence ecosystem maps).
  • 13 August: Deadline for submission of evidence ecosystem maps.
  • 31 August: Deadline for re-submission of evidence ecosystem maps (where major revisions are required). The bursary award is conditional on the submission of this evidence ecosystem map.

The following criteria must be met in order to apply for an AEN Bursary*:

  1. Must be citizens of an African state.
  2. Must be employees of government, research institutions, NGOs, think tanks, knowledge intermediaries, etc.
  3. Applicants require and need to illustrate an in-depth knowledge of evidence-informed decision-making (research use; knowledge translation; evidence-based practice) in their respective professions.
  4. Applicants must submit a 2-page CV indicating relevant expertise and experience in relation to evidence-informed decision-making in Africa.
  5. Applicants must submit a brief outline (up to 500 words) as part of a motivation letter describing how they will map out the evidence ecosystem within their own countries, sectors, or areas of work.
  6. Successful applicants will be asked to submit an overview and visualisation of their evidence ecosystem map as part of a poster pod presentation** at Evidence 2018. Bursary awards are conditional on the receipt of these presentations.

* Note that applicants for the AEN Evidence leadership price are not excluded from applying for an AEN Evidence 2018 bursary.
** See here for an example of the format of poster pod presentations. Poster pods are mini-presentations of your poster using Power Point to a small group of people who can listen to you through headphones.


  1. Full Bursary*: includes registration, economy class air travel, and accommodation (minimum 3-star facility).
  2. Partial Bursary**: includes registration fee waiver only.

*Note: Bursaries do not cover travel to the airport in your country of origin nor any visa-related costs. They do not cover any form of per diem or daily living allowance.
**Note: Bursaries will only be awarded if extra budgetary donor funds are available to support the programme.

Successful applicants will be asked to present the evidence ecosystem map of their respective countries, sector, or area of work in the form of a poster pod presentation. This evidence ecosystem map refers to an interrogation and visualisation of the evidence producers and evidence users as well as intermediary organisations and the linkages between these. Guidance on the structure and formatting of the poster will be available after bursary awards have been made. Presentations will have to be made in English.

Bursary awards are conditional on the receipt of these poster pod presentations. Electronic versions of the posters presentations are due for submission on 13 August 2018. The AEN might engage with bursars to refine or clarify aspects of their ecosystem maps. Participants are not required to bring printed versions of the evidence ecosystem maps to the conference.

Bursary applications open on 01 March 2018 and close on 01 June 2018.

If all application criteria are met, applicants need to submit the following supporting documents in order for their submission to be considered.

  • CV – maximum of two pages
  • Motivation letter – addressing points 1-6 above, maximum of two pages

Submissions must be made in writing, in English or French.

To apply for a bursary, please click on the link below: